Liste des productions scientifique par les membres du laboratoire de recherche depuis 2012


Titre de la production scientifiqueAuteurs AnnéeJournalDOI
geothermal heat pump inheating mode: modeling and simulation
on trnsys
R. Chargui, H. Sammouda, A. Farhat2012 International journal of refrigeration35
analytical and numerical solutions for natural convection in a
shollow cavity shear strss action
F. Oueslati, H. Sammouda, R. Bennacer2012numerical heat transfer journal, part A, 62
study of the mixed convection in a channel with porous layers
using a thermal nonequilibruim model
S. Jaballah, H. Sammouda, R. Bennacer2012journal of porous media, 15(1)10.1615/JPorMedia.v15.i1.40
A numerical study of the desalination soil by dry drainage
M. Adala, R. Bennacer, H. Sammouda2012journal of porous media, 15(7)
Electrical investigation of the Al/ porous Si/Pb-Si
A. Cherif, S. Jomni, R. Hannachi, L. Beji2012physica B 40910.1016/j.physb.2012.10.014
mean absorption
coefficient of H2O-air-MgCl2
/NaCl thermal plasmas
R. Hannachi, Y. Cressault, D. Salem, PH Teulet, L. Beji, Z. Ben Lakhdhar2012journal of physics D : applied physics,

effect of thin gold interlayer on the
electrical behavior of ITO/MEH-PPV/Al organic device
O. Dhibi, S. Aghal, S. Jomni, A. Ltaief, L. Beji, A. Bouazizi2012journal of surfaces and interfaces of materials vol.
tensorial depolarization of alkali atoms by isotropic collisions with neutral hydrogen,
Astronomy & Astrophysics
M. Derouich2012A&A 545, A1110.1051/0004-6361/201219730
Kinetic modeling study on methylene blue
sorption into agave american fibers : fractal kinetics and regeneration studies
A. M. Ben Hamissa, F. Brouers, M. C. Ncibi, M. Seffen2013separation science and
technology , 48: 1-9
Optimisation of phenolics recovery from vitex agnus- castus linn. leaves by high-pressure
and temperature extraction
Mohammed Lataoui, Mongi Seffen, Bahar Alialbarian, Alexandro Alberto Casazza, Attilio Converti,
Patrizia Perego
2013 natural product research;
Phosphorus sorption kinetics in different types of alkaline
Wissem Hamdi, David Pelster, Mongi Seffen2013 archives of agronomy and soil science
Nitrate sorption in an agricultural soil
Wissem Hamdi, Faten Gamaoun, David e. Pelster, Mongi Seffen2013 applied and environmental soil science volume 2013
Investigation of the optical and electrical properties of
p-type porous GaAs structure
H. Saghrouni, A. Missaoui, R. Hannachi, L. Beji2013sperlattices and microstructures 64 10.1016/j.spmi.2013.10.007
Electrical investigation of the Al/ porous Si/p +- Si
A. Cherif, S. Jomni, R. Hannachi, L. Beji2013 physica B 40910.1016/j.physb.2012.10.014
Electrical investigation of the au/+- GaAs and Au/nporous GaAs structuresH. Saghrouni, R. Hannachi, S. Jomni, L. Beji2013 physical B42210.1016/j.physb.2013.04.038
Electrical and dielectric characteristics of
/p-Si heterostructure
Ahlem Cherif, Sami Jomni, Najeh Mliki, Lotfi Beji2013 physica B429
Electrical charaterization and
modelin of Au/MEH-PPV/ porous n?-GaAs/ n?-GaAs heteroinjection in direct and alternating current
Taoufik Ben Jomaa, Mourad Noiri, Lotfi Beji, Abdelaziz Bouazizi2013current applied physics 13
Effect of thin gold interlayed on
the electrical behavior of ITO/MEH-PPV/AL organic device
O. Dhibi, S. Zghal, S. Jomni, A. Ltaief, L. Beji, A. Bouazizi; J Surf2013 interfact mater 110.1016/j.mee.2014.06.021
Thermal study of a covered and hybrid
photovoltaic sensor associated with a heat exchange
Sihem Abidi, Habib Sammouda, Rachid Bennacer2013international journal of materials engineering 10.5923/j.ijme.20130306.01
Numerical simulation of a cooling tower coupled with heat
pump system associated with single house using trnsys
R. Chergui, H. Sammouda, A. Farhat2013energy conversion and management
Inverted low band gap polymer solar cells integrated with a
low-temperature-annealed sol-gel-derived ZnO active layer thickness effect on the recombination process
O. Dhibi, A. Ltaief, S. Zghal, A. Bouazizi2013superlattices and micristructures
Effect of acetylation and
additive on the tensile properties of wood fiber-high-density polyethylene composite
T. Ben M'barek, L. Robert, H. Sammouda, B. Charrier, J. Orteu, F. Hugot2013 journal of reinforced
plastics and composites
Effects of different collector's area on the coupling of a thermosiphon
collector and a single zone
R. Chargui, H. Sammouda2014energy conversion and menagement 77
Numerical study of sinusoidal temperature in magneto -
H. Jamai, S. Fakhreddine and H. Sammouda2014journal of applied fluid mechanics
Numerical simulation of vertical bridgman
solidification of CdZnTe
H. Jamai, B. Pateyron, H. Sammouda, M. El Ganaoui2014 Int. J. Simul. multisci. des . Optim 10.1051/smdo/2014003
Numerical analysis of three coolants heat exchanger associated to
hybrid photovoltaic/ thermal solar sensor
S. Abidi, H. Sammouda, R. Bennacer2014 international journal of energy engineering 10.5923/j.ijee.20140403.01
Physical and electrical characteristics of
metal/ Dy203/P-GaAs structure physica B
H. Saghrouni, S. Jomni, W. Belgacem, R. Handaoui, L. Beji2014condensed matter, volume 444 10.1016/j.physb.2014.03.030
Investigation of structural properties,
electrical and dielectrical characteristics of Al/Dy203/Porous Si heterostructure
A. Cherif, S. Jomni, W. Belgacem, R. Hannachi, N. Mliki, L. Beji2014 superlattices and
Temperature dependence of molecular dynamic arrangement in
the vicinity of the glass transition of MEH-PPV : C60 based structures: X ray and impedance pectroscopy
O. Dhibi, A. Ltaief, S. Zghal, A. Bouazizi2014vacuum 9910.1016/j.vacuum.2013.03.021
Distribution of barrier heights in metal/n-in AlAs
schottky diodes fron current-voltage-temperature measurements
N. Hamdaoui, R. Ajjel, M.B. Salem, M. Gendry2014 materials science in semi conductor
processing 437
Numerical analysis of three coolant heat exchange
associated to hybrid Photovaoltaic/Thermal solar sensor
S. Abidi, H. Sammouda, Rachid Bennacer2014international journal of energy engineering10.5923/j.ijee.20140403.01
degradation of indigo carmine using [Zn_Al] LDH supported on PAN nanofibers, clays minerals
K. Abderrazek, A. Uheida, M. Seffen, M. Muhammet, N. Frini Srasra, E. Srasra2015international journal of fine particule science10.1180/claymin.2015.050.2.03
Effect of the soils properties on th sorption capacity
of phosphorus and ammonium by alkaline soils of the semi-arid areas
W. Hamdi, N. Ziadi, Kouakoua. Ernest, M. Seffen2015 IOSR Journal of Applied Chemistry
Ammonium sorption by soils profile of semi- arid areas W. Hamdi, M. Seffen2015IOSR Journal of
Environmental Science', Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-. Volume 9), Issue 5 ver. I
Effect of metallic iron in reducing nitrate mobility in alkalizes soilsW. hamdi; A. Kasraoui, M. Seffen2015 international research journal of engineering and technology (IRJET) volume : 02 issue : 03
Biosorption of alpacide blue from aqueous solution by
lignocellulosic biomass: luffa cylindrica fibres
A. Kasraoui, A. Moussa, Gh. Ben Ali, M. Seffen2015 environmental science and pollution research10.1007/s11356-015-5262-4
Phosphorus isotherms sorption in semi arid soilW. hamdi, J.A Messiga, D. Peslter, N. Zaidi, M. Seffen2015international research journal of engineering and technology (IRJET)
Temperature dependent electrical and
dielectric properties of a metal/ Dy203/N-gras (MOS) Structure
H. Saghrouni, S. jemni, W. Belgacem, N. Elghoul, L. Beji2015 materia science in semi conductor
radiative properties of argon-heliumnitrogen-carbon-cobalt-nickel-plasma used in CNT synthesis D. Salem, R. Hannachi, Y. Gressault, PH. Teulet, L. Beji2015 journal of physics d: applied physics10.1088/0022-3727/48/6/065202
Temperature dependence on the electrical
properties of dysprosium oxide deposited on Pi-Si susbstrate
A. Cherif, S. Jemni, W. Belgacem, N. Elghoul, L. Beji2015 Materials Science in semi conductor
The performance of a Heat Exchanger with Wings
associated to Solar Photovoltaic Collector
S. Abidi, H. Sammouda, Rachid Bennacer2015 International Journal of Engineering Research &
Technology (IJERT)
Comparison of the Electrical and Thermal Perfermances
of A PV Sensor for Covered and Uncovered with a Glass
S. Abidi, H. Sammouda, Rachid Bennacer2015 International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology
Above room
temperature complex impedance analysis of properties of La0.33Sr0.67Mn0.33TI0.6703?d perovskite
Dhahbi Tlilia, Nejeh Hamdaoui, Sobhi Hcinide, Mohamed Lamjed, Sadok Zemnia2016phase transitions
The temperature dependence on the
electrical properties of dysprosuim oxide deposited on n-porous GaAs
H. Saghrouni, S. Jomni, A. Cherif, W. Belgacem, L. Beji2016journal of alloys and compounds 676
effect of band gap narrowing on GaAs tunnel diode I-V
A. Lebib, R. Hannachi, L. Beji, B. El Jani2016physica B 502
Temperature dependent
dielectic studies of Al/Dy2O3
/ porous Si heterostructure by capacitance and conductance measurements
A. Cherif, S. Jomni, H. Saghrouni, W. Belgacem, K. Khirouni, L. Beji2016Journal of Alloys and Compounds 685
Study of eletrical and
dielectric properties of Ca Mn 0.6 Fe 0.402.8 perovskite
T. Tahri, N. Hamdaoui, A. Omri, S. Hcini, L. Beji, E. Dhahri, M. Es-Souni2016J. Mater Sci: Mater Electron10.1007/s10854-016-5143-8
Exprimental and theoretical study on the charge transfer between
polaniline and single walled carbon nanotubes
Saoudi M, Ajjel. R, Zaidi. B2016J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7
Influence of alternating current on
the adsorption of indigo carmine
Aida Kasraoui, Taher Selmi, Mongi Seffen, Francois Brouers2016Environ Sci Pollut Res 10.1007/s11356-016-7201-4
Structural and photoluminescent characteristics of porous GaAs capped with GaAsAmira Lebib, Zouhour Zaaboub, Riadh Hannachi, Lotfi Beji, Laarbi Sfaxi, Frej Hassen, Hassen
2017Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing
Structural and luminescent characteristics of
porous GaAs
Amira. Lebib, Emna. Ben Amara, Lotfi. Beji2017Journal of Luminescence
Role of Gallium Doping in Structural, Magnetic, and Dielectric Properties of the
Compounds La0.65Bi0.05Sr0.3Mn1−xGaxO3 (x = 0 and 0.06)
M. Baazaoui, Nejeh Hamdaoui, M. R. Laouyenne, W. Cheikhrouhou-Koubaa, Lotfi Beji, M.
2017 Journal of Superconductivity and
Novel Magnetism
Effect of iron doping at Mn-site on complex impedance spectroscopy properties of Nd 0.67 Ba 0.33
MnO 3 perovskite
Mohamed Hsini, N. Hamdaoui, S. Hcini, Bouazizi Mohamed Lamjed , Sadok zemni, Lotfi Beji2017Phase Transitions10.1080/01411594.2017.1382701
Electrical characterization and dielectric impedance of Au/n-CdS/pporous GaAs/p ++-GaAs thin film structuresNejeh Hamdaoui, Lotfi Beji2017Journal of Applied Physics10.1063/1.4983095
Mean absorption coefficients of He/Ar/N 2
/(C 1− x − y , Ni x , Co y ) thermal plasmas for CNT synthesi
D Salem, R Hannachi, Y Cressault, Ph Teulet, L B?ji2017Journal of Physics D Applied Physics 10.1088/1361-6463/50/3/035203)
Effects of salts on phosphorus adsorption in
alkalize Tunisian soil
R. Beji ,Wissem Hamdi,A. Kesraoui; Mongi Seffen2017Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration10.1007/s41207-016-0012-7
The alternating and direct current effect on the
elimination of cationic and anionic dye from aqueous solutions by electrocoagulation and coagulation
A. Othmani ; A. Kesraoui ; M. Seffen2017 Euro-Mediterr J Environ Integr 10.1007/s41207-017-0016-y.)
Oxidized Vegetable sponge (luffaculindrica)
Reusable Novel heavy Metal ions Adsorbent
Aloulou Fadhel , Sabrine Alila , Seffen Mongi2017International Journal of Science and research10.21275/ART20177530
Crystal Structure, Thermal Behavior and Vibrational
Spectra of 4,4’Diamoniumdiphenylmethan Sulfate Hydrate
Takwa Ben Issa, Latifa Ben Hamada2017Open Journal of Inorganic Chemistry10.4236/ojic.2017.72004
Crystal structure and theoretical studies
on quinoline phosphate
T. Ben Issa, H. Ghalla, S. Marzoughi et L. BenHamada2017Journal of Molecular Structure
‘Recent progress in organic nano-composites: Synthesis and
treatments for use as active layers in electronic devices
M. Saoudi, R. Ajje and B. Zaidi2017International Journal of Experimental
Research and Review (IJERR)
Preparation and characterization of activated carbons from olive wastes by
physical and chemical activation: Application to Indigo carmine adsorption
G. Enaime, K. Ennaciri, A. Ounas, A. Ba?aoui, M. Seffen, T. Selmi2017 J Mater Environ
Analysis of the semi-empirical Stark broadening methods to improve the line emission accuracy : applications on He , Ar and Fe thermal plasmasHANNACHI RIADH BEJI LOTFI2018Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Biosorption of cationic dye onto "Phragmitesaustralis" fibers : characterization and mechanism DALLEL RANIA KESRAOUI AIDA SEFFEN MONGI 2018Journal Environmental Chemical Engineering
Correlation between microstructures and optical properties of polyaniline/single walled carbon nanotubes composites SAOUDI MARIEM AJJEL RIDHA 2018Polymer Composites 10.1002/pc.25031
Dispersion and stabilization of ceramic powders in the presence of wood fibers treated with an anionic surfactant adjuvant : sodium laureth sulfate ALOULOU FADHEL SEFFEN MONGI 2018International Journal of Development Research
Effect of the adsorption pH and temperature on the parameters of the Brouers-Sotolongomodels SELMI TAHER SEFFEN MONGI 2018Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Experimental and computational study of electronic ,electrochemical and thermal properties of quinoline phosphate BEN ISSA TAKWA BEN HAMADA LATIFA LAIFI 2018Journal of Molecular Structure 10.1016/j.molstruc.2018.02.085
High responsivity and 1/f noise of an ultraviolet photodetector based on Ni doped ZnO nanopaticles BEN ELKAMEL IMEN HAMDAOUI NAJEH AJJEL RIDHA BEJI LOTFI 2018RSC Advances
Kinetic , thermodynamic and adsorption behavior of cationic and anionic dyes onto Corn stigmata : Nonlinear and Stochastic AnalysesMABRKI FATMA KESRAOUI AIDA SEFFEN MONGI2018Water Air Soil Pollut
Numerical study of an inclined photovoltaic system coupled with phase change material under various operating conditions NOUIRA MERIEM SAMMOUDA HABIB2018Applied Thermal Engineering
Physical meaning of the parameters used in fractal kinetic and generalised adsorption models of brouers–SotolongoSEFFEN MONGI SAMMOUDA HABIB2018Adsorption
Preparation and Evaluation of the Influence of modified Fiber Flour Wood on the properties of the fresh condition of Cement Based Mortars ALOULOU FADHEL 2018International Journal of Industrial Chemistry
Study of the growth time effect on the structural , morphological and electrical characteristics of ZnO/P-Si heterojunction diodes grown by sol-gel assisted chemical bath deposition method HAMDAOUI NAJEH 2018Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of a new non-centrosymmetric 2-ammoniumbenz amide trioxonitrate crystals [C7H9N2O]NO3HAMDAOUI NAJEH BEN HAMADA LATIFA LAIFI 2018Bulletin of Materials Science
Synthetic urban wastewater treatment by an activated sludge reactor : Evolution of bacterial biomass and purifying efficiencySEFFEN MONGI KESRAOUI AIDA 2018Journal of Materials and Environment Science10.26872/jmes.2018.9.3.90
Tetracycline removal with activated carbons produced by hydrothermal carbonisation of Agave americanafibers and mimosa tannin SELMI TAHER SEFFEN MONGI SAMMOUDA HABIB 2018Industrial Crops & Products
The combination of luffa cylindrical fibers and metal oxides offers a highly performing hybrid fiber SEFFEN MONGI KESRAOUI AIDA 2018Environmental Science and Pollution Research 10.1007/s11356-018-1507-3
A new empirical correlating equation for calculating effective viscosity of nanofluidsDHAHRI MEHER AOUINET HANA SAMMOUDA HABIB2019Heat Transfer-Asian Res
Cd-doping effect on morphologic , structural , magnetic and electrical properties of NiO . 6-xCdxMg0.4Fe2O4 spinel ferrite HAMDAOUI NAJEH KHELIFI MOUADH BEJI LOTFI2019Journal of Alloys and Compounds 10.1016/j.jallcom.2019.06.339
CFD analysis of the effect of unifomly sheared air flow on natural ventilation in building DHAHRI MEHER AOUINET HANA 2019International Journal of Ambient Energy
Characterization and influence of Nanofiber Flours of Wood Modified on Fresh State Properties of Cement Based Mortars ALOULOU FADHEL ALILA SABRINE 2019Journal of Renewable Materials 10.32604/jrm.2019.00141
Comparative study of aqueous solution processed ZnO/GaAs and ZnO/porous GaAs films BEN AMARA EMNA LEBIB AMIRA BEJI LOTFI 2019The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC Advances )
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeking and Critical Analysis of Interfacial Forces Effect on air-nanofluid Bubbly pipe flow DHAHRI MEHER AOUINET HANA 2019Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer10.1615/InterfacPhenomHeatTransfer.2019032249
Effect of modified fiber flour wood on the fresh condition properties of cement-based mortars ALOULOU FADHEL ALILA SABRINE 2019int.J. Masonry Research and Innovation
Effect of Nb-doping on the structural and electrical properties of Ba0.97La0.02Ti1-xNb4x/5O3 ceramics at room temperature synthesized by molten-salt methodHAMDAOUI NAJEH DHAHRI JAMI2019Journal of Alloys and Compounds 10.1016/j.jallcom.2019.01.014
High irradiance performance of cesium-formamidinium-based mixed-halide perovskite for concentrator photovoltaics under various operating conditionsCHERIF FATMA EZZAHRA HAMZA MARWA SAMMOUDA HABIB2019Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
Highly efficient, low cost, and stable self –powered UV photodetector based on Co2+:ZnO/Sn diluted magnetic semiconductor nanoparticlesHAMDAOUI NAJEH BEN ELKAMEL IMEN AJJEL RIDHA BEJI LOTFI 2019Ceramics International
Hydrothermal pre-treatment, an efficient tool to improve activated carbon performancesMBARKI FATMA KESRAOUI AIDA 2019Industrial Crops & Products
Influence and Dispersion of Nanofiber of Wood Modified on Properties of Cement Based MortarsALOULOU FADHEL ALILA SABRINE SAMMOUDA HABIB2019Journal of Renewable Materials 10.32604/jrm.2019.04070
MAPbBr3 perovskite solar cells via a two-step deposition processHANNACHI RIADH BOUAZIZI ABDELAZIZ 2019RSC Advaces
Microstructural, structural and dielectric analysis of Ni-doped CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramic with low dielectric lossKHELIFI MOUADH HAMDAOUI NAJEH BEJI LOTFI DHAHRI JOMII2019Journal of Materials Science : Materials in Electronics
Net emission coefficient of complex thermal plasmas used in SWNT synthesisHANNACHI RIADH BEN NASSR SOUMAYA BEJI LOTFI 2019Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Stabilization and Evaluation of Modified Nanofiber Flour Wood on the Properties of Cement-Baszd MortarALOULOU FADHEL ALILA SABRINE SAMMOUDA HABIB2019Journal of Renewable Materials 10.32604/jrm.2019.04071
Structural, Electrical and Dielectric of Fe-Doped CaMn1−xFexO3−0.5x (x = 0.0 and 0.20)HAMDAOUI NAJEH 2019Journal of Low Temperature Physics
Structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Ni0.6Mg0.4Fe2O4 ferromagnetic ferrite prepared by sol gel methodHAMDAOUI NAJEH KHELIFI MOUADH BEJI LOTFI 2019Ceramics International
Synthesis and characterization of Cu doped ZnO nanoparticles for stable and fast response UV photodetector at low noise currentBEN ELKAMEL IMEN HAMDAOUI NAJEH AJJEL RIDHA BEJI LOTFI 2019Journal of Materials Science : Materials in Electronics
Synthesis, crystal structure, DFT calculations and molecular docking of l-pyroglutamic acidBENISSA TAKWA BENHAMADA LATIFA LAIFI 2019Journal Molecular Structure
The alternating and direct current effect on the elimination of cationic and anionic dye from aqueous solutions by electrocoagulation and coagulation flocculationOTHMANII AMINA KESRAOUI AIDA SEFFEN MONGI 2019Water -Open Access Journal
Use of alternating current for colored water purification by anodic oxidation with SS/PbO 2 and Pb/PbO 2 electrodesOTHMANI AMINA KESRAOUI AIDA AKROUT .H SEFFEN MONGI 2019Environmental Science and Pollution Research Springer-Verlag GmbH10.1007/s11356-019-05722-w
Acomposite of clay , cement and wood as natural support material for the immobilization of commercial titania (P25,P90,PC500,C-TiO2) towards photocatalytic phenol degradation MORJENE LATIFA ALOULOU FADHEL SEFFEN MONGI2020Water Science & Technology 10.2166/wst.2020.244
CFD investigation of temperature distribution , air flow pattern and thermal comfort in natural ventilation of building using solar chimneyDHAHRI MAHER 2020World Journal of Engineering
Coupling anodic oxidation , biosorption and alternating current as alternative for wastewater purificationKESRAOUI AIDA SEFFEN MONGI 2020Chemosphre -Global Change Science 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2020.126480
Dye removal by activated carbon produced from agave americana fibers : stochastic isotherm and fractal kinetic studies KESRAOUI AIDA SEFFEN MONGI 2020Environmental Science and Pollution Research Springer-Verlag GmbH
Effect of organoclay and wood fiber inclusion on the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of cement-basedmortars MORJENE LATIFA ALOULOU FADHEL SEFFEN MONGI2020Comptes Rendus Chimie10.5802/crchim.42
Enhancement of dielectric properties of Ni and Co doped ZnO due to the oxygen vacancies for UV photosensors application BEN ELKAMEL IMEN HAMDAOUI NAJEH AJJEL RIDHA 2020Physica E : Low -dimensional Systems and Nanostructures
Investigation of heat-transfer and fluid dynamic of nanofluids used in heating building DHAHRI MAHER SAMMOIDA HABIB 2020Nanomaterials and Energy
Modeling and optimizing of non-imaging disc concentrator (NIDC) photovoltaic system performance under non-uniform illumination HAMZA MARWA SAMMOUDA HABIB 2020International journal of light and Electronic Optics 10.1016/j.ijleo.2019.163906
New Correlations for two Phase Flow Pressure Drop in Homogeneous Flows Model DHAHRI MAHER SAMMOIDA HABIB 2020Thermal Engineering (English translation of Teploenergetika ) 10.1134/S0040601520020032
Numerical and experimental investigations of melting process of composite material (nanoPCM/carbon foam) used for thermal energy storage MHIRI HIBA JEMNI AFEF MDALLA SAMMOUDA HABIB2020Journal of Energy Storage 10.1016/j.est.2019.101167
Numerical approximation of air flow , temperature distribution and thermal comfort in buildings DHAHRI MAHER SAMMOIDA HABIB 2020Scientific Africain
Photoconduction , dielectric and photoluminescence properties of Cu2+ : ZnO nanoparticles elaborated by a polyol method BEN ELKAMEL IMEN HAMDAOUI NAJEH AJJEL RIDHA 2020PHASE TRANSITIONS
Removal of phenol from aqueous solution by coupling alternating current with biosorption KESRAOUI AIDA SEFFEN MONGI 2020Environmental Science and Pollution Research Springer-Verlag GmbH10.1007/s11356-020-09976-7
Strategies for high performance perovskite/c-Si tandem solar cells : Effects of bandgap engineering , solar concentration and device temperature CHERIF FATMA EZZAHRA SAMMODA HABIB 2020Opticals Materials
Techno-Economic Analysis of Micro-Grid Based Photvoltaic/Diesel Generator Hybrid Power System for Rural Electrification in Kerkennah, TunisiaDARDOUR HOUDA CHOUAIEB OLFA KRAIEM SAMMOUDA HABIB 2020JOURNALOF SOLAR ENERGY ENGINEERING TARNSACTIONS OF THE ASME
Thermal behavior of Composite Material (nano PCM/aluminumfoam ) used for thermal energy storage (TES) applications MHIRI HIBA JEMNI AFEF MDALLA SAMMOUDA HABIB2020Comptes Rendus Chimie10.5802/crphys.2
Thermal performance modeling of modified absorber wall of solar chimney-shaped channels system for building ventilationDHAHRI MAHER SAMMOIDA HABIB 2020Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Coupling Alternating Current and Biosorption for the Removal of
Hexavalent Chromium
2021Chemical Engineering Technologie10.1002/ceat.202000398
Effect of inlet/outlet on thermal
performance of naturally ventilated building
2021International Journal of Low Carbon Technologies
New composite material based on Kaolinite, cement, TiO2 for efficient removal of phenol by photocatalysisMORJENE LATIFA
2021intern. journal of Environmental
Science and Pollution Research
Numerical study of a building integrated photovoltaic‑finned phase change material panel
under Tunisian climatic conditions
2021Environmental Science and
Pollution Research
Numerical Study on the Thermal Performance of Trombe Wall for
Passive Solar Building in Semiarid Climate
2021International Journal of Photoenergy
Optical and dielectrical properties
enhancement of composite films
based on MEH PPV matrix and
NBD-Cl small organic molecules
HANNACHI RIADH2021International Journal for Light
and Electron Optics
Optoelectronic simulation and
optimization of tandem and multi junction perovskite solar cells using concentrating photovoltaic systems
2021Energy Reports
Photodetectors for weak signal
conditions from Au/Cu co‑doped
2021Optical and Quantum Electronics
Photothermal lens spectrometry:
Experimental optimization and
direct quantification of permanganate in water
2021Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical
Polyaniline: Doping and Functionalization with SingleWalled Carbon Nanotubes for Photovoltaic and Photocatalytic Application
2021Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry
The impact of Au decorated TiO2
nanoparticles on high performance and low 1/f noise
in UV photodetector
2021J Mater Sci: Mater Electron
Turbulent boundary layers
and hydrodynamic flow analysis of nanofluids over a plate
2021J. Central South University
"SEFFEN MONGI2021Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry
"Electro-optical properties improvement of organic composite using
p-nitro-benzylidenemalonotrile-based small organic molecules"
RIADH HANNACHI2022 Bulletin of Materials Science
"Enhancement of a commercial PV module performance under Low
Concentrated Photovoltaic (LCPV) conditions: A numerical study"
"Olfa Bel Hadj Brahim Kechiche
Marwa Hamza"
2022Renewable Energy Focus
"Towards renewable green energy produced by
prickly pear living plant"
Ajjel Ridha2022Materials Science & Engineering B
"Prediction of the power conversion efficiency of Perovskite-on-CIGS
tandem and triple junctions thin-film cells under solar concentration
irradiations by optimization of structural and optoelectronic
materials characteristic"
Fatma Ezzahra Cherif Habib Sammouda2022Physics and Chemistry of the Earth
"Effect of background electrolytes on the adsorption of phosphorus (P) onto
southern Tunisia natural clays "
Wissem Hamdi Seffen Mongi2022Applied Physics B
"Time investigation and enhancement of the photothermal lens efect
in the mode‑matched confguration"
Ilhem Soyeh Riadh Hannachi Sammouda Habib Beji Lotfi
"Rotational and Gas Temperature Measurements for
He-C Plasma: Application to Heterogeneous
Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis"
Soumaya Ben Nasr Riadh Hannachi Lotfi Beji2022EEE TRANSACTIONS ON PLASMA SCIENCE
"Effects of Plasmon Resonance on the low
frequency noise and optoelectronic properties of Au/Cu codoped ZnO based photodetectors"
"Imen Ben Elkamel Nejeh Hamdaoui Ridha Ajjel lotfi beji
2022Optical and Quantum Electronics"
Thermal Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Organo-Clay-Wood Fiber in Cement-Based MortarAloulou Fadhel Sammouda Habib2022"Sand in Construction"DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.102321
"Investigations on phosphorus recovery characteristics by active carbon
prepared from date stones in aqueous solutions"
Wissem Hamdi Seffen Mongi2022Desalination and Water Treatmenthttps//doi:org/10.5004/dwt.2023.29165